Mission Statement

Exogen Biotechnology provides services for organizations and research institutes to monitor DNA damage and assess DNA repair capacities. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies for precision and preventive health care

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What is DNA damage?

DNA stores the genetic information in each living cell, so its integrity and stability is essential to life. But it’s constantly being damaged by environmental factors like exposure to ionizing radiation, ultraviolet light and toxins. And DNA replication is also prone to error during normal cell division, so your body is busy constantly repairing damaged DNA. However, sometimes this normal DNA repair process fails, causing damage and genetic mutations to accumulate, which can lead to serious health problems like cancer, accelerated aging, and neurological disorders.
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"... for those of you who've been touched by disease, or your families, the idea of being able to watch an indicator who is potentially very important for your health and then to actually be able to influence it and act in a way that will make you healthier, is fundamentally empowering to human kind"

− Peter Fiske, CEO Pax Water

" I want easily, explicitly, and immediately actionable data if I'm ever going to actually apply this knowledge in my life"

− Participant of Biocurious study

"If consumers were more empowered, they would take more responsibility for their health"

− Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe

"... Genetic sequencing is a nice way to look at a snapshot of who you are but this technology may enable you to become the human that you want to be, healthy and long lasting."

− Peter Fiske, CEO Pax Water

"Loved this @indiegogo 'citizen science' campaign to better understand DNA damage."

− Christina Farr, Journalist @ VentureBeat