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We’re Launching a new Clinical Trial on DNA Repair in Humans

Posted by | January 09, 2016 | Announcements, Update | No Comments
Exogen Bio Labs.

We’ve been developing our technology to assess DNA Repair Capacities.

Dear Exogen Bio Citizen Science Study Participants,

We are excited to announce that we will be finishing up our citizen science study to begin a new clinical trial to look at DNA repair efficiency in humans and how it may be associated with genetic factors and risk for certain diseases. Please note that we will be accepting samples obtained from our Indiegogo campaign up until April 1, 2016. We want to thank you once again for your previous contribution to our DNA Health citizen science Indiegogo campaign. So far the study has gone well, and we have collected enough samples to assemble the largest known database of DNA damage levels in humans to date. Your support has been instrumental in allowing us to reach this important milestone.

– The Exogen Bio Team