DNA stores the genetic information in each living cell, so its integrity and stability is essential to life. But it’s constantly being damaged by environmental factors like exposure to ionizing radiation, ultraviolet light and toxins. And DNA replication is also prone to error during normal cell division, so your body is busy constantly repairing damaged DNA. However, sometimes this normal DNA repair process fails, causing damage and genetic mutations to accumulate which leads to serious health problems like cancer, immunological disorders and neurological disorders.


Exogen Biotechnology provides researchers and laboratories with an assay service for DNA Damage or DNA Repair measurements from tissue samples, as part of clinical and other research studies. Our assays can be used in a variety of research study settings, including studies involving both cross-sectional (one-time) as well as longitudinal (repeated) samplings.

The DNA damage assay

The DNA repair assay

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Here are a few examples of past and on-going studies:

  • chronic exposure to environmental factor (toxic pollutants, radiation) and its impact on DNA damage.
  • linking between genetic predisposition for diseases and DNA damage
  • impact of nutritional additives on DNA damage and repair